About Us

Kids feel everything under the skin.

Since we were born, we know what surrounds us through touch: we nest in the warmth of mom’s hug, we get the tickles when dad whispers a lullaby in our ears, we relax with caress.

Before walking and talking, our desire is to feel everything with our fingers. We want to have it all in our hands. We reach out for food, butterflies, clouds in the sky.

We are like that because our body is our home for life. And the skin is our best antenna to perceive the world.

KidsLik Mix knows this and feels it together. We believe that good childhood is made of free moving and curious mind.

Running, jumping, rolling – all of this is discovery and that is how we create the stories and memories that make us most alive.

That is why KidsLik Mix only develops products for babies and children with Pima cotton – clothes that embrace the body like a hug: soft as a good sleep. Happy as a make believe.